julie, 17, finland. my world is huge and sometimes I feel really small and sad and cold. I adore my bunny, different kind of arts, smiling people, chocolate coffee, skins (UK), yann tiersen, warm baths and traveling. I love new people and you can always come talk to me. I believe in buddhism. I met thirty seconds to mars 1st of july 2013 and Jared Leto told me that I'm beautiful (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
home sweet home /my vagina/my face

it’s not really anybody’s fault

because oh it’s my own way to face things. I see things the way I see them and almost every time it makes me feel like shit. it is just the way that I am and it’s my fault and I understand. these thoughts are things that I chose to think



"I don’t understand anything technical about music at all. Why you can’t put these sounds together with those sounds. I only know what sounds good to us. I write poems for myself and I write poetry that gets torn apart and becomes songs. I’m still the guy sitting in his room at 3:00am playing the guitar and writing stuff because there’s nothing else to do and no one to say it to. I think people can feel that, that we aren’t much different than them. And we’re not." - Kurt Cobain, 1991.


Hey kids wanna buy some drugs

Welcome to Florida

Do you have a crush? Talk about him/her :)


okaay so I have this person in my life but I’m not sure what she/he thinks about me and I don’t wanna tell anything more right now sorry