julie, 17, finland. my world is huge and sometimes I feel really small and sad and cold. I adore my bunny, different kind of arts, smiling people, chocolate coffee, skins (UK), yann tiersen, warm baths and traveling. I love new people and you can always come talk to me. I believe in buddhism. I met thirty seconds to mars 1st of july 2013 and Jared Leto told me that I'm beautiful (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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The Nineties seem to be a very popular trend right now and I have to mention couple of all couples, Johnny Depp & Kate Moss.
Johnny and Kate began their relationship back in 1994. Four years, and a very brief two month engagement, later, they split in 1998. 
It’s kind of messed up that they both have come so far since they first got together, and yet there is still something that makes me feel nostalgic for them together. 

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This young boy lives in a state hospital in Budapest, where his emotionally troubled mother spends most of her time curled under sheets 


whats obama’s last name